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Welcome to the South African PoleFit Academy!

Our Studio offers a unique form of exercise for women who want to develop a fitness routine by doing an alternate sport! The SA PoleFit Academy is a place with no ego, no judgement, just mirrors, and some spinning and static poles. It is a place where you can explore the world of dance without risk. Where you are encouraged to make mistakes and to try again.

At SA PoleFit Academy there is no agenda… there is no pressure from anyone, except the pressure which you put on yourself and that which evolves you.

SA PoleFit Academy is as safe space to practice what you've learned, or, go off the beaten track and there will be someone there to spot you! Where everyone is equal no matter what medal level. Because no matter how beginner you may be, you are welcome... we've all been in your shoes.

Even though the Sport of Pole Fitness may still be rising, it is rapidly growing in all parts of the globe! More and more women who try it, love it! Wear gear in which you feel comfortable and dance to whatever music moves your soul!

Here at SA PoleFit Academy we strive to ensure that we offer you great, safe, quality workouts and at the same time we guarantee that you will have fun while doing it!

The only rule is that you are unequivocally supportive and positive and that you bring good energy to the academy. 

What we perceive as fitness in pole

Pole Fitness is predominantly anaerobic exercise. You work with your body weight. This boosts your metabolism and keeps it elevated long after your workout! Lose weight, tone up and most importantly have fun! Working out will never be boring again! This form of dance allows you to use your entire body as a unit which means that you always get a full body workout every time!


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Increase your muscle tone and flexibility. Sculpt your body by attending our great Pole, Pole-Fit & Flex classes.

You will build stamina and strength from performing routines in our dance classes. Learn to improve your rhythm and co-ordination.

There will be noticeable differences in your weight and body posture as your confidence grows with time. Most importantly you will feel less stressed!
As far as we are convinced this is the best type of workout for women! You get to explore fitness and dance at the same time.



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