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  • No Under garments will be allowed to be worn as exercise gear!  Let’s enjoy our Victoria Secret … in secret.

  • No Formal clothing will be allowed to be worn as exercise gear!

For Pole Dancing

  • Try to wear clothing that is not loose fitting as it does get in the way when you dance and exercise. Remember that you require your skin to grip on the pole, so in this case, less is more!

  • Please select garments which do not have belts, buckles and zippers on them so as to prevent injury to yourself and damage to the Poles.

  • Wear strappy tops and shorts, you do not need sneakers/trainers.  We do sell some awesome foot gear which is great to wear while dancing. Please enquire about this from us!


  • Please DO NOT wear lotion to Pole Dance lessons. 

  • This is rather dangerous as it can result in injury should you slip off the pole while learning techniques.

  • Remember that you require your skin to grip onto the pole when performing various techniques.

  • We at SA PoleFit Academy are extremely safety conscious.

For Fitness Classes

  • Strappy Top and leggings with sneakers/trainers if you wish too!

Yoga/Workout Mat for fitness and flexibility classes

  • We at SA PoleFit Academy prefer that you bring your own mat for hygiene purposes.  You are welcome to store your mat in our studio. If you plan on doing so, please ensure that you brand it with your details.  We will keep it safe to the best of our abilities but shall not be held responsible for any loss, theft or damage thereof.  Should you wish for us to purchase a workout mat for you, please let us know and we will provide you with the costs and ETA


  • Please bring a towel along with you as you may need it while working out due to perspiration.

Water bottle

  • In our studio we do provide you with water via our water dispenser.  However it is advisable that you bring along your water bottle filled with water to keep you hydrated while you work out. Feel free to refill your bottle from our dispenser!

Jewellery & Valuables

  • Please DO NOT wear Jewelery to class.

  • When dancing on the pole, the following will not be permitted for your safety as well as to prevent damage to the poles: Watches, rings, bangles, bracelets, hoop earrings, long length earrings.

  • This ensures the safety of your valuables.  As per our disclaimer, SA PoleFit Academy, their elected and appointed officials, employees, agents, and volunteers will not be held responsible or liable for any loss, theft and or damage whatsoever.

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